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Quality Accreditations

We at Shree Gautam Rolls believe in long and mutually profitable connection thereby we take care of all the control procedures ranging from Roll quality through chemical analysis, hardness testing, ultrasonic testing and dimension control. Our company is equipped with all the necessary tools and instruments that are used to control quality of each and every product coming out of Shree Gautam Rolls.

Quality is the lifeline of Shree Gautam Rolls hence, it is guaranteed that only quality assured Forged Rolls, Metal Sleeve, Double Poured Alloy, etc. are offered to the clients. In our company, quality starts from the order acceptance during which the professionals decide the quality plan which includes melting, moulding, casting and finishing techniques.

Inspection & Testing Facilities

Roll quality is monitored closely through spectrographic chemical analysis, micro structure analysis, hardness analysis, apart from ultrasonic testing, mechanical strength testing and dimensional control. The company is equipped with necessary instruments required for these control measures.

As such We are fully equipped to provide satisfactory reports to our customer for all kings of tensile strength, yield stress, elongation and shore hardness of the material.

  • Fully equipped wet analysis lab
  • Digital Microscopic Laboratory
  • Spectrometers (32 channels)
  • D.P. Testing Facility
  • Sand Testing Equipment
  • Digital Immersion Pyrometer
  • Shore Hardness Testing Machines
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Impact Testing
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